Infant/Toddler Curriculum

Our infant/toddler curriculum is based on the Maryland Guidelines for Healthy Child Development and Care for Young Children (Birth to Three Years of Age). The curriculum draws on the infant and toddler’s natural interest of discovery, their desire to learn and the need for close, responsive relationships with their teachers. The curriculum and activities implemented by the teaching staff reflect the developmental needs and upcoming milestones of the particular children in each group. The teachers continually monitor and observe each child for normal developmental patterns. They set goals according to the guidelines for age- appropriate development in the following areas:

·       Personal and Social

·       Language

·       Cognitive

·       Physical

The teaching staff then uses creative activities to assist the children in meeting their developmental goals. Most of the activities are hands-on enabling children the opportunity to explore the world around them in a safe and secure environment.


Preschool Curriculum

This curriculum is based on The Creative Curriculum published by Teaching Strategies.  This curriculum is aligned with the Maryland Model for School Readiness and Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum framework. Developmentally appropriate learning environments, lesson plans, activities, and materials are readily available in each classroom.  Teachers continually observe children and use this information to facilitate their early learning experiences as well as assess and document their progress.  This valuable information is shared with families formally bi-annually as well as informally on a daily basis.